Recent Publications: Tracking the Cheetah's Motion

2 Jun 2017 - 07:45
Zorro the cheetah wearing the tracking system

One of the goals of the RAM Research Group is to capture motion data from animals, so it can be used as inspiration to bring their robotic counterparts quite literally up to speed. Working with cheetahs at the Ann Van Dyke Cheetah Centre in Gauteng, they have developed a novel and cost-effective system for tracking the motion of the big cat's tail and spine. This work is described in a paper titled Tracking the Cheetah Tail using Animal-Borne Cameras, GPS and an IMU to be published in IEEE Sensors Letters. Congratulations to Dr. Amir Patel, Bradley Stocks, Callen Fisher, Prof. Fred Nicolls and Prof. Edward Boje on this achievement.